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Assisted Living Facilities are senior housing communities whose staff provides and/or arranges for a combination of assistance with activities of daily living, personalized support, and healthcare services. We understand you prefer to do most of your living on your own, so we are available to you immediately in an emergency or as scheduled as you want us. The staff is available to assist the residents in activities of daily living, medication management, meal service, coordination of health services, and the residents receive 24 hour care.

Independent Living enables residents to live on their own, but know there is someone nearby if needed. Rooms come with intercom and emergency systems in the event the resident needs a nurse or attendant’s assistance. Independent Living is a great option for those that want to live on their own, but also want to be part of a senior community with the added security of 24 hour assistance.

Windsor Court Assisted Living is the most “seasoned” of facilities in that we have been in business for 34 years. The average length of stay for our employees is about 7 years. That is important in the continuity of care to our residents. It is nice to know that the same people are here to meet your needs. We care with heart and want to make this transition as comfortable as possible.

We, as a Windsor team, have been working with families and residents for many years and understand how difficult making the decision to come into assisted living can be. We understand that what may seem like giving up your independence can be scary but it is important to know that our desire is to help you to be as independent as you can be and that we are here to hep you in those dependent times.

Windsor Court Assisted Living is known for the care we give to our residents. We receive compliments daily from families and physicians within our care group. We know that you will always see how loving and kind the staff is and how ready we are to make this the best experience for you. To help with all barriers, we do have a person on staff that is fluent in Spanish so that we may be able to meet all your needs.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Refers to basic tasks of everyday life and one’s ability to accomplish these self-care activities such as eating, bathing, dressing and mobility.


“My mother has been there about 7 months. She is very happy with the level of care, the activities, etc. We are especially impressed with the service; the caretakers are extremely caring and attentive.”  – Mark A.

“My daughter, who needed assisted living after an accident, has been living at Windsor Court for seven months. Even though she is on the younger end of their clients, she feels so welcome.  She loves the activities, but most of all, she feels safe and cared for by a staff that is  compassionate and alert to her needs.  Thank you Windsor Court!”  – Faye W.

“I was in the dining room in the Crown Suites this afternoon with my mother, when a lady next to us fell to the floor. In a snap the whole staff was on it. They were at her side in a flash. I was very impressed with the way the whole staff worked together. I saw caring, compassion and professional action. The way they kept the other residents calm, and moved tables and chairs away from the fallen lady.”

“I have talked to many of the regular staff in the afternoon and evening shifts and they all treat my mother and myself with much kindness and respect. I have much respect for the caregivers in the Crown Suites as I could not do what they do. It does take a special kind of person. Thanks to you all.”
– Steven K.